Gaiapost without uncertainty

An historical issue that is still plaguing the flyers industry all round the world is the problem of the CONSUMER ACCEPTANCE OF FLYERS: which is the percentage of flyers that are seen, read and used by the consumers?

In other words: is it possible, and how, to have really qualified data and information measuring the success of the huge money investments made into the flyers industry?

Moreover: is there a “tool” to target flyers in order to reach the most profitable segments of markets?

Today, we answer YES to all these questions: we faced the problem and the GAIAPOST suite of services is the solution. This is our offer to the flyers market.

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distribution hit your target

The GAIAPOST Distribution services are:

Note: in Italy and Switzerland we also can provide trained carrier force.

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Tracking improve your distribution

The GAIAPOST Tracking service maps the deliveries made by the carriers.

This service adds to the basic GAIPOST Fleet features (automatic tracking of the journeys) the possibility to give a geographical reference to each single drop made by the carrier.

Each carrier is equipped with a GAIAPOST Device and presses a button each time he leaves the flyers.

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Flyers check every flyer

GAIAPOST Flyers is an automatic service for distribution monitoring and flyers mapping.

GAIAPOST Flyers is the full optional service voted to improve the quality of the distribution process and to acquire the data needed for the further analysis.

GAIAPOST Flyers service gives a precise and complete map of where, when and how each single flyer has been dropt.

The main improving feature is given by the barcode printed on each flyer (or on each group of flyers, as a poly bag or publisac).

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